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Looking for a Weight Loss surgery UK? We can help. We can link you up to UK General Medical Council certified top weight loss and bariatric surgeon with many years of experience in this field.

You will also have the rest of mind of knowing that you will be looked after by anesthetist and other staff well vast with looking after those of us who are obese.

But before taking that important step of contacting a weight loss surgery in the UK, take a quick look at a check list to see that you qualify for a weight loss surgery. It is important you do this because undergoing a bariatric surgery is no little undertaking. It is expensive. It may change your life forever. Take a test now.

Do You Really Need A Weight Loss Surgery?
A Quick Check List

Is your BMI 40 kg/m2 or above?

Have you tried ALL other non-surgical options like pills, exercises and diet programs

Have you been seen previously by a weightloss doctor or G.P and you both work together and failed? These are experts. They may still have options up their sleeve for you to try?

Do you enjoy a reasonable measure of health apart from obesity?

After surgery, do you think you will be willing to follow weight loss programs that will be drawn up for you? The problem will re-occur again if you can't be disciplined to follow such programs, and your surgery will be a waste of time and resources.

If you can answer yes to all of the above question, then you are qualified for a weight loss surgery UK can offer!

If your BMI 50 kg/m2 or above, you should not even wait around thinking about using weight loss pills to achieve your goal. Go straight to see a bariatric surgeon. No matter what weight loss surgery UK residents are looking for, it is most likely to be found through a private center. The NHS will not routinely pay for private surgical procedures, except where your G.P referred you and he thinks it is a matter of life and death.

Along with performing procedures, these private centers work to educate prospective patients on the available types of weight loss options, helping you to make informed decisions.

From gastric bypass to lap band to the gastric balloon option, every patient will need to be suited to the right type of surgery.

Some centers even offer BPD and Bandinaro procedures for patients whose unique situations keep them from fitting into any one category. To be considered eligible for such procedures, one will have to not only meet outward standard criteria but provide a complete medical history and pass a thorough health screening, including the criteria listed in the check list above.

Rapid Results

Those who take on weight loss surgery will have a strict diet regimen to follow afterward. Losing up to sixty percent of one's excess weight in the first year or more means the body will have to adjust and create new balances for itself.

Because the results of weight loss surgery can be so rapid, surgery centers commonly provide a number of after care therapy and support programs as well.

Follow up appointments will ensure that the patient is adjusting mentally as well as physically. Plus, one can attend support groups set up for post op patients as they learn to deal with all the new changes in life that rapid weight loss brings.

Easy Financing

To help individuals achieve their dream of losing weight, a number of centers will finance the weight loss surgery UK residents need. Easy and flexible payment plans can help make the decision to carry through with the surgery just that much easier. The Bupa health insurance option or even any other reputable health insurance option will be a reasonable means of financing your planned bariatric or weight loss surgery UK operation.

The complete cost of weight loss surgery can vary depending not only on the procedure but the extent of the surgery the patient requires. While some surgeries are performed via laparascopy, other procedures are much more invasive.

Most centers welcome inquiries and offer seminars that provide more detailed information. If an individual still feels that weight loss surgery is still a good option, he or she can then set up a personal appointment that will screen them for eligibility.

Should you still want to proceed with a weight loss surgery inquiry in the UK, please fill out the form below, and a top qualified surgeon will contact you in the next few working days.

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