The Benefits of Eating Healthy

One of the most overlooked aspects of life concerns the benefits of eating healthy. Millions of Americans make New Year's resolutions that they don't keep. Not only do they fail to keep them each year, but they generally end up adding on a few more pounds before the next January 1st rolls around.

This is a terrible habit. It's a complacent rut that everyone needs to get out of. Whether you like it or not, a major part of living well and feeling great is personal fitness. What kind of shape are you currently in? I'm going to take a wild guess and assume you could be in better shape. Hey, it all starts with a little motivation.

Don't Forget to Exercise

Everyone knows that working out and eating healthy leads to a healthier body. The better your diet is and the leaner your body, the more energy you are likely to have. I can't stress enough how good being in shape can make you feel. It's a physical and emotional surge. Because when your personal fitness levels are up-to-par, you not only have more strength and energy, but you also have more confidence.

You know when you look great and can do things like head down to the beach in a swimsuit or wear less clothing in public. But when you're overweight, you feel the need to cover up and hide from the world. This can often lead to depression and feelings of regret. NO MORE! It's time to put more time and effort into your personal fitness schedule.

Action Plan

Okay, this is where you can begin. Pull out a sheet of paper and label it with each day of the week. Choose five of these days to exercise on. Many people choose to have the weekends off, but it's up to you.

Now, to get started you may want to try three days of cardio and two days of weight training, alternating days. This regular personal fitness regimen with get your body in shape the way it's supposed to be year-round. Always remember, being in great shape is NOT just a summer thing.

Eating right is imperative. You need a balance of good carbs, proteins and vitamins. Typically you can consume as many vegetables as you please. We need like 8 a day, so go for it. As far as proteins go, try lean poultry and fish. Then go with good carbs, shoot for brown rice, whole grain breads and low-fat granola. With personal fitness, so much relies on your diet. Without the benefits of eating healthy, you're doomed.

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