How Not to Sabotage
A Rapid Weight Loss Plan

There are many things that can sabotage a rapid weight loss plan. Dieters with good intentions often try to cut corners in hopes that they will see faster results. Unfortunately, the results they expect from taking shortcuts and the results they get can be two very different things.

When dieters see no weight loss at all or even a few added pounds, it is likely they will quit their plan feeling dejected and disappointed. While cutting calories is the mainstay of losing weight quickly, there are right and wrong ways to go about it. One must always approach their rapid weight loss regimen with a reasonable mindset if noticeable results are the actual goal.

Skipping Meals

The human body was built for survival. When it senses a sharp drop in weight it will hang on to fat stores as a source of energy until caloric intake becomes regular again. This is why when a dieter decides to skip meals, their weight loss plan can backfire. They will abruptly develop a gnawing hunger, something that often leads to overeating.

Those expecting to lose weight fast should not expect overnight results. The human body will always respond better to weight loss that is gradual. Gradual weight loss can still happen in a very short amount of time; however, one will need to eat healthy meals and snacks on a regular basis.

Proper Hydration

A lack of proper hydration is also another means of sabotaging a rapid weight loss plan. As the first few pounds of weight loss are typically water weight, going without water can knock electrolyte balances for a loop. This can lead to feelings of lightheadedness and weakness. Serious dehydration can cause other health issues such as heart palpitations and even fainting.

One does not need to worry about regaining lost water weight by drinking more water. The more water that comes into the body, the more efficient it will be at flushing it out. When a body's only source of water is such things as soda or coffee, it is inclined to hang on to what little water it can get from these sources.

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