Shedding Pounds with a
Rapid Weight Loss Patch

The rapid weight loss patch is one of the newest and most innovative dieting products to come along in years. Traditionally, many have had to choose supplements in liquid, pill or powder form. Anyone with extensive dieting experience has probably even rotated between the three choices.

Based on the same premise as nicotine patches, the weight loss patch is placed on the body in order to deliver small doses of its ingredients through the skin. There is a wide array of weight loss patches to be found. While some come with ingredients that help suppress the appetite others deliver fat burning complexes. Patches can also be found with natural ingredients such as green tea or even hoodia.


Weight loss patches can be of great benefit to dieters that have a hard time swallowing pills or do not want to be bothered with messy liquid or powder regimens. Even those that are fine with pills may find their frustration in just remembering to take them. With a weight loss patch, this is no longer a problem.

In general, patches come in a quantity of thirty to one hundred and twenty. Each day, a patch is placed on the abdomen or upper arm, leaving it discreetly hidden by clothing in either location. A patch for rapid weight loss is handy and convenient, especially for dieters whose busy hectic schedules keep them from sticking to strict diet plans.

No Pills or Powders

The diet patch has caught on largely because one is less likely to suffer the side effects that sometimes come with traditional supplements. Pills, powders and liquids are all ingested and can cause a number of reactions once inside the body. Some pills or liquids can cause stomach upset or even leave a continuously dour taste in one's mouth.

Sometimes it is not the main ingredients of a pill, liquid or powder that cause a problem but their fillers. While fillers are often only used to bulk up a supplement they are still known to cause a problem in dieters from time to time. A rapid weight loss patch can open doors to individuals who have previously sworn off conventional diet supplements.

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