Rapid Weight Loss
for Smart People

When approached with a sensible mindset, it is possible to achieve rapid weight loss without risking one's health. But many times, when a quick weight loss plan goes wrong, it is largely because a person wants to see their extra pounds come off way too quickly.

While overnight weight loss is vastly unrealistic, any sudden and extreme drop in weight can be a formula for trouble. The body expects to stay in balance at all times, and will deal with every imbalance with a distinct response. When your weight begins dropping too fast, your body goes into preservation mode to retain as much body fat as possible, until its nutritional intake become regular again. This can make dieting a rather pointless endeavor.

Cutting Calories

Luckily it is becoming accepted knowledge that, while cutting calories to a certain extent helps, a diet of little or no caloric intake is actually harmful. In order to lose weight quickly, one must work with their body rather than against it.

The most reliable method for seeing a safe drop in excess weight is to cut calories and exercise more. Cutting calories can be done by opting for a liquid weight loss plan or eating a menu comprised of certain foods. One thirty minute walk per day helps to increase activity levels. On top of this, you may decide to take a weight loss supplement to suppress your appetite, boosts your metabolism, or both.


The negative effects of rapid weight loss often have to do with dehydration and its various effects on your body. An imbalance of electrolytes can lead to heart palpitations, low energy and dizziness. This is why it is important to drink plenty of water while on a fast weight loss diet.

Any diet that requires less than twelve hundred calories for women and eighteen hundred calories for men should be largely avoided. Inadequate calorie intake means your internal organs won't have enough energy to function. Almost immediately, your body will begin to stop weight loss in order to save energy for itself. Just like a campfire needs wood, your metabolism always needs adequate nutrition to keep on burning calories.

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