Rapid Weight Loss
Diets that Work

Many turn to rapid weight loss diets to jumpstart their weight loss, or when they need to get rid of extra pounds in a rather short amount of time. Using these types of diets requires a sensible approach. Expecting overnight results is an obvious unrealistic expectation.

Making wise food choices, drinking water and adding a daily exercise routine are all things that can help a person reach their weight loss goal reasonably and with little anxiety. Diets that offer only scant nutrition or minimal caloric intake will likely make people feel deprived, which prompts many to abandon their diets and gain even more weight.

Unrealistic Expectations

Most people go into a diet with every intention of following through. However, there are a number of things that can sabotage a person before they ever even get started. While unrealistic expectations tend to rank at the top of the list, giving up too easily ranks a close second.

Dieting can be especially difficult in workplaces when morning donuts and midday fast food runs are a part of daily routine. Even when one plans and carries out their diet perfectly, holidays with traditional calorie laden foods can present quite a speed bump on the way to dieting success.

Helpful Hints

To make sure one does not give in to the temptation of straying off his or her diet, many professionals recommend getting a diet buddy or someone to talk to when the going gets tough.

Even if people insist on offering forbidden foods, it doesn't have to mean returning a clean plate. For individuals that have a hard time with the idea of wasting food, practice holding up one hand and giving a gracious and convincing, "Thank you, but no."

If one has tried many rapid weight loss diets without success, keeping a diet journal can be a good way to spot risky food and behavior patterns.

Of course, another of the best things for a dieter to have is supportive friends, neighbors or relatives. And last but not least, one should always be prepared to accept personal responsibility for food choices, good or bad.

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