Unsecret Quick Weight Loss Secrets

Many dieters wonder about the quick weight loss secrets of celebrities and whether or not they themselves could get the same results. Truth be told, the weight loss secrets celebrities use are more likely related to expensive personal trainers, chefs and certain invasive procedures that run in the thousands.

While the average person can have access to any one of these elements at a time, it is unlikely they will have all three; nor will they be privy to the professional one on one attention that celebrities get. This means the average dieter must rely on tips and tricks of their own.

Sleep Well

It is no secret that eating less, exercising more and using a quality diet supplement can help an individual lose weight. However, there are some lesser known habits and routines that can make losing weight go faster with hardly any effort.

For example, dieters should get plenty of sleep during their weight loss venture. A lack of sleep throws off the balance of leptin and ghrelin in the body, two hormones that regulate appetite. Sleeping less than eight hours at a time increases feelings of hunger to the point of never feeling fully satisfied. The more a person tries to satisfy their hunger, the more calories they take in and the more likely they will gain weight.

Food Journals

Some quick weight loss secrets are not so much about eating as they are keeping track of what is being eaten. A weight loss journal can be highly effective in helping a person get past their diet hurdles. A diet journal does not have to be any bigger than a pocket sized notebook; nor does it require an extensive investment of time.

Whenever the dieter eats, he or she simply writes down what is eaten and what they were feeling at the time. After a week or so, one should be able to see a pattern and gain insight as to what triggers cause them to eat the most often. A dieter can then practice cognitive behavior therapy to move past problem areas that lead to reaching for calorie laden foods or overeating.

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