The Reality of Quick Weight Loss

Although not a realistic solution for major long term weight loss, a quick weight loss solution can work wonders for jump-starting a diet.

Ads and gimmicks for attaining quick weight loss can be found in overwhelming numbers everywhere, from TV to magazines and radio. Diet pills composed of ingredients such as fat burners, green tea, minerals and other ingredients promise to boost the metabolism and help speed the weight loss process even more, and are readily available.

Anyone who's been through the search for weight loss aids knows that liquid diet supplements are a common part of the line up as well. Newer programs not only offer supplements but entire lines of cereals, snacks, drinks and even prepackaged frozen dinners. However, even if a product produces results, the main complaint is that it never works for very long. Inevitably, the weight makes its way back on.

Staying Sensible

Even though it is common to try rapid weight loss programs before a high school reunion, experts agree that losing weight fast is generally not a good idea for those expecting to make major changes in their weight. In fact, losing weight too fast can be dangerous and lead to problems such as dehydration, fatigue and a loss of precious vitamins and minerals the body needs to survive.

The reason that many individuals experience the yoyo effect of dieting is because rapid weight loss signals the body's defense mechanism to add more weight. Despite this information being easy to find and common knowledge for many, there are those that still seek out remedies that will offer a quick and speedy weight loss solution.

First Rate Motivator

At the beginning of a diet, losing weight quickly can be a great motivator. Nothing feels better than seeing that certain efforts have resulted in a weight loss of two to three pounds in a very short amount of time. However, the first few pounds of weight loss will more than likely have to do with losing "water weight," the fluids retained by the body and its tissues. Nonetheless, it does help to start out with a bang.

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