A Sensible
Quick Weight Loss Fix

When a wedding or other special event crops up, many look to a quick weight loss fix to drop a few pounds so they can look their best. There are many diet products and regimens that can be very effective, as long as they are used sensibly.

As we now know, restricting calories and increasing exercise is the best and most effective way to induce a drop in weight. When this is done in conjunction with a diet product that has an appetite suppressant or a metabolic booster, the process of losing weight can become much more efficient. However, it is important to note that a fast weight loss diet that restricts calories to twelve hundred or less should be avoided.

Water Weight

The majority of fast weight loss diets typically begin by helping the body shed excess water weight. This can be as much as three to five pounds at a time. A common weight loss concept that helps this process is eating nothing but fruits and vegetables over the first few days of a diet.

Drinking plenty of water and low sodium broths helps ensure that water weight loss does not lead to dehydration. A body that is not used to being properly hydrated will hang on to what water it can get from sodas, teas and coffee and cause bloating in the tissues. When properly hydrating the body, water will release from the tissues to make room for new water, rather than stubbornly retain it.

Eat Regularly

Another quick weight loss fix that can help an individual shed pounds is to never skip a meal while dieting. Though many are tempted to do this in order to cut calories, skipping meals can prevent your metabolism from burning calories at all.

When the body feels it does not have enough calories to adequately run basic internal functions, it will begin to conserve fat for energy. The result is the body stops losing weight until adequate calorie intake resumes. This is often what leads to overeating and the destruction of one's dieting progress.

Eating healthy snacks and meals that contain plenty of fiber can make a stomach feel fuller, longer.

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