obese as all men of my family

Im a man, 24 years, 6,2 and 270.

I began to put on weight for 3 years because I don't exercise and eat a lot, fat and sweet food. The most part of fat on middle section. I experience severe low back pain for 2 years, every moove let me out of breath. I can't ty my shoes but i i wear only loafers.
But I like my belly very much and to feel fat !

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Jun 27, 2012
Why IS Most People In My Family Obese
by: Anonymous

Why are most people in my family obese. I am 22 years old and weighs 125kg. My Mum weighs 152kg and brother 105kg. I never met my Dad and I do not know him. But why are we all obese. Is it because we are doomed to be so? I know that we eat junk for every meal every time, everyday. My mum would not cook and we go to KFC or burger king always. Help. What can I do to be normal?

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