Herbal Life Diet
Chosing The Right Weight Loss Diet

"I am on Herbal life diet for lunch once a day. It has help me lost 20 pounds in 6 months" - Dieter ...
Could this work for you too? Why not learn more about this weight loss diet?

Herbal life diet slimming products or weight loss products are meal replacement preparations in the form of drinks, shakes, bars, light meals, and protein snacks, prepared by Herbalife that helps in combating obesity and overweight.

There are also appetite reducing preparations, metabolism boosting drinks and enhancers that help in reducing net caloric intake, as well as specific exercise weight loss programs geared towards optimizing caloric expenditure.

With upwards of 29years in business, and many testimonies of tremendous success with Herbalife products in achieving weight loss, Herbal life diet products is easily a weight loss product that has worked for many.

Herbal life diet is appealing to many because it makes it possible to eat and enjoy tasty flavored meals and even indulge in sweets and chocolates included in the meals.

This weight loss diet comes in three Herbalife weight loss management programs. You can enroll in the program, get a healthy meal plan for replacement of one of your meals per day according to your circumstance. The herbal life diet plan involve:

Herbal life QuickStart Diet

Herbal life quick start diet is a tailored made weight loss diet for you, and it consists of:

  • Low calorie but dietary fiber and protein rich shakes taken as meals twice a day to help achieve weight loss

  • A third packet of protein shakes, formulated to help maintain your weight within healthy limits

  • An essential nutrient and energy boost pack to keep your fast weight loss within the realms of healthy rapid weight loss.

You can buy the component of these pack separately if you want. Some have used only the dietary fiber and protein rich shakes (e.g Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 750g) as meal replacements with good result.

Herbal life Advanced Diet

The advanced diet consist of all the components of herbalife quick start plus:

  • Total Control® preparation to enhance your metabolism and help break down calorie fast, as well as

  • Cell-U-Loss® "for appearance of dimpled skin and fluid retention"

Herbal life Ultimate Diet

This package includes all the components of the herbalife advance diet, plus:

  • Snack Defense™ package to help supress and overcome the urge to snack between meals.

Individual Components of The Herbal Life Diet

The Herbalife diet comes in components constituted to make up any of the above herbalife weight loss plan. These components are:

  • Healthy Meals

  • Appetite Control

  • Metabolism Boosters

  • Enhancers

  • Protein Snacks

Healthy Meals

Herbal life healthy meals are a variety of low calorie protein rich shakes and drinks packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and other vital nutrients, to ensure a rapid weight loss yet keeping healthy.

These meals are also designed to help take care of your hunger drive, thus providing satisfaction, meaning you are less likely to want to seek additional food once on this shakes.They include the " Nutritional Shake Mix" as well as the "Instant Nutritional Shake Mix".

They come in various exciting flavours including French vanilla, Dutch chocolate, Piña colada, Tropical fruit and Cookies 'n Cream flavours. It means you can enjoy your dieting meal without taking away the pleasure of eating.

You can order Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix 750g herbal life diet healthy meals via a local distributor or here via Amazon shop and replace your regular meals with these. They can become substitutes in our lunch box at work and then have another herbal life weight loss product as diner during a course of an herbal life weight loss program.