3 Day Diet for Losing Weight Fast

Everyone, it seems, is trying strange fads or ingesting crazy concoctions for losing weight fast or in an attempt to improve their health. They want a get-slim-quick fix, or an easy elixir of youth, or something else equally absurd instead of to take the time actually required to improve health.

The latest fad is called the 3 day diet, and it claims that, by consuming what it tells you to, you can lose ten pounds in three days. Come on, what are we foolish? It tells you to eat saltine crackers, toast, eggs, tuna, coffee, tea, apples, and cheese. All regular stuff, nothing magical or "high tech" in any of it, and in 3 days, you're supposed to lose all of that weight. I have trouble believing it.

If it is true, it is probably because of the small amount you eat on the 3 day diet, and it probably is mostly "water weight." Water weight means that what you lose is mostly water flushing out of your system, and very little body mass is actually reduced. Losing water weight is actually pretty pointless since it just means getting dehydrated. This can be dangerous, and is certainly unhealthy.

A Better Alternative

The best way to go for losing weight fast is the old, traditional way, in my opinion, although it takes a little longer. Exercise regularly, eat lots of green leafy vegetables, and also fruits in moderation, cut out processed and fatty foods, and don't snack between meals. Also, very high carbohydrate food is not really good for your diet either as it will fill you up with calories.

This is not a 3 day diet, or even a 30 day diet, but nonetheless, within a couple of months, you will be slimmer and healthier, and happier too.

Dangerous Diets

There are diets that are downright dangerous. The Atkins diet, for example, works by throwing your liver into ketosis by eating nothing but lots of protein. This can cause liver damage, and in some cases, death. Nonetheless, it does make you lose weight at a high rate of speed, but once you get off it, you will probably gain the weight right back.

If you are going to get on a diet for losing weight fast, one thing to consider is what kind of exercise to do to supplement your dieting. Jogging is very good, but can be hard on your knees. Bike riding is a little safer on your joints in the long run.

One of the best exercises for losing weight, however, is swimming, because it is zero impact and exercises the whole body. Personally, I would like to swim for at least half an hour every day. Nothing makes me feel healthier or more refreshed. But I am disabled and can't do that. But you probably can.

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