Dukan Diet did it for me

by Ngozi
(Chelmsford, UK)


Thank you so much for the wonderful information on obesity here, especially as it affects pregnancy.

I was able to lose weight fast with Dukan Diet last year, from size 16 to 12 within 3 months! Ever since, I have become pregnant, and now have my baby girl, and yet never piled on the weight again as I did in the past. Not even when I was pregnant. I will recommend it to anyone anytime, as long as you are medically fit to undertake dieting.

Ngozi Edema

Dear Ngozi,

Thank you for your contribution.
Dukan diet was developed by a French doctor and nutrition expert called Pierre Dukan.

So many women and men have found resounding success with this diet, that the Dukan Diet is now the world most famous diet with over 12 million books sold.

It is used by celebrities and everyday folks with huge success. The Dukan Diet has taken the UK by storm since Kate Middleton’s mother (Duchess of Cambridge) has made public that it helped her to prepare for the royal wedding with significant result.

You have to be in good health though, because it is an intense, high protein and low carb diet especially in the first few days and then you can eat almost whatever you want.

The good thing about Dukan diet is that you get a one-to-one online support and coaching and are able to ask questions, get monitored and send feedback. Just as you said, you can have this done from anywhere in the world.

It is very important that you do not try dieting when you are pregnant. This could result in significant ill health to you and to your unborn child or even lead to the loss of the pregnancy. The best time to lose weight is before you become pregnant, and with dukan diet, you may be able to keep off the weight even when you are pregnant.
For anyone who is interested, you can get more information on this superb weight lose diet system and get 25% Off on your online coaching at Dukan Diet with this ticket.

Thanks again, for your contribution.

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