The Weight Loss Surgery
Houston Residents Desire

When it comes to weight loss surgery Houston residents can count on, there are many different choices available. Whether one is looking for gastric bypass surgery or Lap Band procedures, there is a weight loss surgery center that can help with these needs.

Because so many are interested in these life changing procedures, most centers schedule informational seminars throughout the week. Upon attending, one will learn more about the procedure they are interested in and what will be required in order to become an eligible candidate. Those who decide to pursue the option will be given the chance to set up an appointment with the surgery center at the end of the seminar.


During the appointment, a surgery center doctor will be able to go into further detail about the desired procedure. He or she will also decide whether or not an individual truly meets the criteria for weight loss surgery. This generally consists of a complete medical history, physical exam and several blood tests.

The doctor will discuss any health issues and the risks associated with the surgery as well. If it is found the patient is approved for the surgery, an appointment can be set up for the near future. Many times, there are strict pre op requirements for weight loss surgery that patients must follow. These requirements have to do with making the surgery safer for the patient.


Many times, the cost of the weight loss surgery Houston residents want will be covered by insurance; however, this is not always the case. Occasionally, approval will require a statement from a doctor deeming the procedure medically necessary for health reasons. Sleep apnea, high blood pressure and diabetes are all conditions that can warrant weight loss surgery.

For all others, there is still a solution. Many weight loss surgery centers will provide low cost financing where a patient can make small payments over a period of several months. The total cost of weight loss surgery will vary from one patient to another based on the extent of the surgery. For many, it is a small price to pay for a life changing procedure that finally gets rid of the burden of excess weight.

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