The Benefits of
After Weight Loss Plastic Surgery

After weight loss plastic surgery is a common procedure for those individuals who have reduced their weight rapidly following bariatric weight loss surgery. Though the surgery can produce swift and lifesaving results, the skin does not always get a chance to shrink with the body. This can leave unsightly hanging skin that presents a number of problems on its own.

Even though individuals may achieve the weight loss they have been hoping for, wearing certain types of clothes will still be unlikely. Excess skin can also chafe and cause rashes that lead to skin infections. When excess skin presents a difficulty, many look to the plastic surgery options of body sculpting procedures.

Body Sculpting

Body sculpting and contouring procedures such as tummy tuck and liposuction have proven very effective for post op bariatric patients. A complete body lift consists of completely reshaping the arms, thighs, breasts, and buttocks as well as the tummy. Excess skin is removed and liposuction helps move tissues into and out of the right areas.

Though some may find having all areas done at once rather excessive, a more consistent and natural look can be achieved when a doctor is able to perform the procedures all in one operation. To make sure one gets results that are pleasing and well balanced, it is important to choose a plastic surgeon that specializes in post op bariatric patients.

Certified Doctors

Locating a surgeon that specializes in after weight loss plastic surgery can be as easy as going online. As bariatric surgery has become more common, so has the number of plastic surgeons focusing on post op bariatric patients. Regardless of a doctor's experience, it is imperative to go with a plastic surgeon that is board certified.

Once an appointment is made, the prospective patient's situation can be fully assessed. As with the weight loss surgery, one will need to meet outward criteria and pass a thorough health screening. The doctor can then recommend a solution for the patient using one or more procedures. Depending on the extent of hanging skin, there may be times and places on the body where non invasive body sculpting procedures can be utilized.

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