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It is a question most of us avoid like the plague because
the answer might actually force us to change our lives.

Northwest Weight Loss Surgery is a resource for those interested in taking on Lap Band surgery. Lap Band surgery has grown extremely popular due to its amazing results with minimally invasive techniques. Unlike gastric bypass surgery where the stomach and colon are rerouted, Lap Band patients are implanted with a small prosthetic device around the upper stomach. With less room for food, the patient eats smaller amounts and drops more pounds.

In contrast to other weight loss surgeries, the Lap Band procedure is not only reversible, it is adjustable as well. In addition, no post op vitamin and mineral supplement injections will be required. The surgery is often done on an outpatient basis, although an overnight stay in a hospital can sometimes be required.


Those hoping to become Lap Band patients must meet a number of conditions in order to be considered eligible for the procedure. Prospective candidates should be between the ages of eighteen and fifty five and have a Body Mass Index of forty or above. One may also be approved for the surgery if they are one hundred pounds or more overweight and suffer from such things as diabetes or severe sleep apnea.

Patients approved for surgery in this category are often looking to do more than lose weight, especially when they are facing severe consequence of health conditions. After the surgery, all patients will need to pay strict attention to prescribed dietary guidelines. A fifty to seventy five percent loss in excess weight over a two year period is common.

Pre Op and Post Op

Upon making an appointment with Northwest Weight Loss Surgery, one will be given more in depth information about the Lap Band procedure. After passing a physical exam and blood tests to confirm eligibility, patients will then be told what to expect both pre op and post op.

Before the surgery, one can attend seminars about the procedure and even learn about the success stories of other Lap Band patients. While some insurance providers do cover Lap Band surgery, many do not. Some will only cover the procedure if the patient's physician deems it a medical necessity. For all others, affordable payment plans are a most viable option.

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